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Visiting an international country is one of the most prioritized plans of many people especially to a well developed foreign countries like Australia full of tourism. Before any trip to Australia as a visitor, you’ll need to obtain the Australian visitor visa otherwise known as tourist visa.

What is the Australian Visitor Visa?

The Australia visitor Visa is a type of visa that legally allow non citizens of Australia to travel to Australia for a specific period of time. the holders of the Australian visitor Visa can live and all the social benefits in the country untill his/her visa expires. Normally the Australian visitor Visa depends on the time stipulated on your visa. you can stay in the country for months, some times you might be given some weeks. however the maximum stay for visitors visa in Australia is 12months.

They’re many categories of the Australian visitor visa depending on your entry method and your purpose of visiting the country.
Below are some of the categories of the Australia visitor visa.

• Tourism Visa

• Working Holiday

• Student Visa

• Transit Visa

Eligibility/Requirements for Australia Visitor Visa

• You’re required to obtain a valid passport or your country’s resident card before proceeding your application exercise

• Obtaining the Australian Visitor Visa Checklist might be very necessary too

• you must be a Legal citizen of your home country. To proof this you will be required to show a proof of your ties with the country by presenting an ID

• Health is very important for any applicant wishing to visit Australia. you must be healthy before you’re allowed to obtain a visa to the country. you may take a complete medical test to proof that using a certified Canadian approved hospital

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• proof that you have the required funds for your upkeep during your stay in Australia, to proof this, you may need a bank statement or any method disclosed to you through the instructions provided on the form

• You may be required to proof that you’ll stay in Australia only on a temporary basis and you must return back to your home country when due. this can be proven using investment in the country or any property

• You must have the intention of not working or study in Canada while holding the Australian visitor visa

• You must not have a record of criminal activity, criminals aren’t welcomed into the country. this can be proofed using an affirmation letter from a court or a police statement from any nearby station

• Presenting your letter of invitation If you’re being invited by someone. you’re expected to bring the invitation letter given to you to come to Australia to stay with him/her

Check if you’re Visa exempted

They’re list of countries that aren’t expected to go through the stress of obtaining a visa before traveling to Australia. perfect example is New Zealand. Nationals of New Zealand irrespective of their location in any part of the world are always welcome to Canada without any restrictions. all they need is a valid passport and some little tasks before they can be allowed to the country. in most cases some nationals of some certain countries are expected to apply through the eAT by completing a simple task online.

To know about the countries making the use of the eAT, you can check for any of the following and discover your country.

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• the United States

• Sweden

• Switzerland

• Andorra

• Austria

• Denmark

• Belgium

• Brunei

• Canada

• Germany

• Finland

• France

• Greece

• Ireland

• Italy

• Hong Kong SAR

• Iceland

• Japan

• Liechtenstein

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• Monaco

• Malaysia

• the Netherlands / Holland

• Norway

• Portugal

• Republic of San Marino

• Singapore

• South Korea

• Spain

• Taiwan

• United Kingdom

• Vatican City.

Applying for the Australian Visitor Visa

The Australia visitor visa is a no different from any other forms as far as visa application is concerned. You’re expected to undergo the normal method of visa application and have your application done.

The process require you to complete a task online by filling some forms and uploading documents before submitting your application pending approval. This is done by logging to the Australian Visa site and then fill for the form 1419. The form 1419 is the type of form to be filled when applying for a visitor Visa to Australia.

What is the Visa Fees for The Australia Visitor Visa?

You must pay a compulsory amount of money for your application if you’re applying for a visa to Australia. Depending on the types of visa the application fees differ for all types. For a visitors visa to Australia, you’re expected to pay the sum of CAD $140 and about CAD $345 for visa extension if you’re interested in staying longer. If you’re intending to subsequently apply to stay there then you will have to the the sum of CAD $1,045.

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