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Top 10 Universities In Australia

According to the recently released data on worldwide university rankings, few of the Australian universities has crawled to be among the top ranked universities worldwide owing to the country’s efforts in making their educational sector productive both in terms of infrastructures, academic learnings, research works and technology not to mention the medical schools in the country.

According to QS World University Rankings

Quacquarelli Symonds otherwise known as Times Higher Education, a good number of Australian universities were able to make to the top list for world standard. the Australian national university made it to the 29th best in the world, University of Melbourne 38th and the university of Sydney 42nd respectively.

This greatly shows how the government of Australia has prioritized education over the recent years. Meanwhile, apart from the world class universities in the country, they’re also numbers of leading universities within the country. As a matter of fact, they’re about 43 universities in Australia with each state’s capital having at least one university. It also has good numbers of reputable higher institutions leading in the country. Nevertheless that is a discussion of another time.

If you’re interested in learning about the various top leading universities within Australia, then this article will walk you through it successfully. Below is the list of the best universities in Australia 2021 according to the Higher Times Education.

  1. Australian National University (ANU)

Once again the Australian National university remains the first and most outstanding university in the country. despite dropping two places in the world rankings, the university still retain its glory as the best and most established university in the country according to the Higher Times Education. the university remain at the top best in the country having beaten others in almost all the indicators from academic performance, employers intents and satisfaction, citation per faculty ratio, research works and technology.

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The Australian National University established in 1946 has its main campus located in Acton, it was disintegrated from the renown Canberra University College established around 1929. It is equally the only university which was created by the  Parliament of Australia.

Currently the university harbors over 10,052 undergraduate and 10,840 postgraduate students with over 3,753 staff employed.

  1. University of Sydney

The second Australian best university in 2021 is the university of Sydney. recall that the university rises in two places this year the school is equally ranked as the top 40th best university worldwide.

The university has a track record of earning a glaring score in the international faculty and international students indicators which contributes to it’s ranking. the University of Sydney was founded as the first Australian University.

  1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne although drops three places according to this year’s words ranking however, it is still ranked as the 41st best university in the world.

The University is also ranked as the highest ranked Australian university in terms of  academic and employer reputation which pushes it to top 30th worldwide for both.

The university is also known for its prime consideration in admitting international students from different parts of the world. In fact 42 percent of the university’s population comprises foreigners.

  1. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) remains the Fourth best university in Australia according to the 2021 Higher Times Education rankings.

  1. University of Queensland (UQ)

The 5th ranked Australian university is the University of Queensland. the University brag of having the two Noble winners as it’s Alumni,  laureates, Peter C. Dogerty and John Harsanyi. Geoffrey Rush an academy award winner and as well as having other notable personalities in government.

  1. Monash University
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The Monash university located in Melbourne is the 6th best ranked university in Australia and 55th position worldwide. It has about 5 campuses located in the state of Victoria and the rest of the two located in Malaysia and South Africa respectively.

  1. University of Western Australia (UWA)

The University of Western Australia this year becomes the 7th best university in the country and among the top 100 best universities worldwide.

  1. University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide established in 1874 is Australia’s third oldest university in the country. It also has a good number of international students from different parts of the world. it is ranked as the top 8th best university in in the country.

  1. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Established in 1988, the University of Technology Sydney is the 9th best university in Australia. it has done awesomely good in the citations per faculty having a score of 67th, international students with 78th position and employer reputation indicators ranking 85th globally.

  1. University of Wollongong

Among the top 10 best universities in Australia is the University of Wollongong, it is the 10th best university in Australia and is ranked 196th best globally. The university has good track scores in citation per faculty, employer reputation and  international students.

Other Highly Ranked Universities in Australia

The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON) 11th in the country and 197 globally

The Macquarie University ranked 13th within the country and 214 worldwide

The Curtin University ranked 13 among the Australian universities and then 217 in the whole world

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) ranked 13 within Australia and then 217 globally

The RMIT University ranked top 15th in Australia and then top 223 worldwide

The Deakin University ranked 16th position in Australia and globally ranked as the 275th best

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The University of Southern Australia (UniSA) ranked 303 worldwide and 17th within the Australian universities

The Griffith University ranked as the top 303 best university in the world and 18th best in Australia

The University of Tasmania make the list as the top 19th in Australia and 308 globally

The Swinburne University of Technology ranked 20th best university in Australia and 372 best worldwide

The La Trobe University ranked 21 and 398 in Australia and worldwide repetitively

The Bond University ranked 22 best among the best university in Australia and 414 in the whole world

The Flinders University is ranked as the top 23rd best university in Australia and 423 worldwide

The University of Canberra is ranked 24th among the Australian universities and 456 among the world class universities

The James Cook University (JCU) ranked 25th in Australia and 462 best

The Western Sydney University ranked 26th Australia best university and 474 worldwide

The Victoria University ranked 27th best in Australia and 551-560 globally

The Murdoch University is ranked 28th in Australia and 571-580 globally

The Central Queensland University ranked 29th best in Australia and 591-600 worldwide

The Edith Cowan University (ECU) ranked 30th within Australia and 651-700 among global universities

The Charles Darwin University ranked 31st within Australia and 701-750 in the whole world

The University of Southern Queensland ranked 31st best university among the Australian universities and 701-750 worldwide

The Southern Cross University ranked 33rd best university in Australia and 751-800 globally

The Australian Catholic University ranked 34th and 801-1000 within Australia and globally respectively

The Charles Sturt University ranked 34th best in Australia and 801-1000 worldwide


The University of New England Australia which is ranked 34th best within Australia universities and 801-1000 worldwide

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