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Canada Business Visa

The federal and provincial governments of Canada offer ample opportunities for investors, businessmen and private entrepreneurs who wish to obtain permanent residence in the country.

Through the Business Class immigration programs, Canada seeks to attract experienced professionals who will make a significant contribution to the development of the Canadian economy.

Also, business immigration helps Canada gain access to international markets because it ensures itself a regular influx of people who are familiar with these markets and understand their realities perfectly.

In turn, the country offers businessmen quite flexible conditions for obtaining a Canadian residence permit for themselves and all accompanying family members (and in some cases also key employees of the company).

Depending on your plans and capabilities, you can choose one of Canada’s federal programs for business immigration or pay attention to provincial programs, because each province is trying to attract businessmen and investors to its territory.

Choosing a Program for Immigration to Canada for a Businessman, Investor or Private Entrepreneur

  • You Have A Start-Up Business That May Be Of Interest To Canadian Investors

It is not necessary to have significant financial capabilities to immigrate to Canada. If you already have your own start-up business, you can try to find an investor in Canada.

In this case, you (and up to 4 other co-owners) can apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada under the Start-Up Visa program.

  • You Have Significant Funds That You Are Willing To Invest In the Canadian Economy

If you have significant financial assets and are willing to invest part of your funds in venture capital funds in Canada, this can help you get a permanent residence permit in the country.

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Also, some provinces offer quite interesting programs for investors.

  • You Have Significant Funds and You Are Ready To Invest Them in the Province Of Quebec

If you have the financial resources and are ready to consider the province of Quebec as a place of permanent residence, then it is worth examining the requirements of the Quebec immigration program for investors.

Moreover, at the moment, this program is the most promising of the existing business programs.

  • You Work For Yourself and Your Profession Is Related To Sports, Culture or Art

If your professional activity falls under the definition of self-employed (you work for yourself and do not need an employer) and is related to high-performance sports, culture, art or farming, you should study the federal Self-Employed program.

Moreover, the Northeast Territories immigration program can be useful to you too.

  • Are You Ready To Start A Business?

If you are ready to start your own business in Canada or buy an existing business (part of a business), you may be interested to know the requirements of some provincial programs that provide immigration opportunities for business and sole proprietors.

  • Your Company Is Planning To Open a New Business Line in Canada

If you work for a foreign company that sends you to open a new line of business in British Columbia or Ontario, you may be eligible for a Canadian residency.

Business in Canada – Basic Requirements

The business represented must meet at least two of the following criteria;

  1. The percentage of business ownership multiplied by the number of full jobs is equal to or more than 2 per year;
  2. percentage of business ownership multiplied by the annual turnover of the company must be at least 500,000 CAD;
  3. the percentage of business ownership multiplied by the net annual income must be at least 50,000 CAD;
  4. The percentage of business ownership multiplied by the value of the assets of the company at the end of the year must be at least 125,000 CAD.
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These are the requirements for a “suitable” business in the host country of a potential immigrant.

Your business in your home country must meet the above requirements. If everything is in order with this, then a visa is issued for three years, during which you need to create a suitable business in Canada, which will be a condition for the transition of a three-year visa to permanent resident status (permanent residence).


I believe that this article has discussed the basic things that you need to know about business immigration to Canada.

So, ensure that you share this with your colleagues online who might be interested. You can also let us know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks.

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