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The Canada evaluation and assessment process are valuable for people who have studied outside of Canada and who want to obtain an equivalency of their degrees to try to obtain employment in their area or to continue their studies in Canada.

So, if the option is to continue with studies in Canada, it is recommended that before paying for the universities in charge of this type of evaluations, you contact them and find out about the process and the steps to be admitted.

Since most colleges and universities have their evaluation system.

It is also important to make sure that the college or university you want to enter accepts the credential evaluation of one of the organizations that do this process.

Meanwhile, in the case of job search, if you want to use this type of evaluation to show the equivalence in your resume, it is recommended that the individual survey the potential companies to which he wants to link and find out if it is necessary to do this type of evaluation.

Organizations that evaluate credentials;

  • ICAS -International Credentials Assessment Service of Canada
  • WES –World Education Services
  • CES –Comparative Education Service
  • FCRO –Foreign Credentials Referral Office –Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • ACESC -Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada

Steps To Request Your Academic Credential Assessment

  1. Select the plan of your preference
  2. Proceed to confirm the service through our payment button
  3. You will receive an email with the confirmation of payment for your service and with the instructions to upload your documents to the platform.
  4. Enter the URL provided and click Register. You must use the same email account with which you made the payment for the service.
  5. Load the indicated documents and wait for confirmation via email.
  • Official Identification (ID, CI, CC, DNI or Passport) (colour scan on both sides), in PDF format
  • Official Professional Title (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate, (colour scan on both sides), in PDF format
  • Certified Notes or Report Card (colour scan), in PDF format
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Note that an international degree assessment accepted as “homologation” can be counterproductive if the student’s goal is to become a Canadian resident with a study program.

How the Evaluation Is Done

  • Total Points Delivery

After the work presented, the teacher will assign a score to the group as a result of his evaluation and not an individual grade.

This will be indicated by the consensus group itself, following the criteria established for this purpose.

  • Division of total points

The group will divide the total points obtained among its members. Therefore, the sum of the participants’ grades must equal the total points.

The group leader will deliver the evaluation sheet with the points divided and duly signed by all members.

  • Posting of individual notes

Having received the indication of the group’s consensus, the teacher will check if the criteria have been followed and will issue the note of each member individually.

For example

Suppose a group of 5 people received 400 points from the teacher in step 1 above.

The group can then reach a consensus that all members worked equally when deciding on the division of these points.

In this case, everyone will get the same score: 80 points (400/5 = 80).

OR, if not all of its components worked equally, the distribution of points will be proportional according to the judgment of colleagues.


I believe that this article has covered the most important things that you need to know about Canada evaluation and assessment.

So, ensure that you share this piece with your colleagues online who might find it useful. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.

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