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Express Entry is a system developed by the Canadian government through which foreign skilled workers can apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

Thus, the country attracts professionals. To apply, you must meet at least three criteria;

  • Have suitable work experience.
  • Know English or French – this will need to be confirmed by an IELTS certificate or another exam.
  • Have at least some education.

What Work Experience Is Needed?

In Canada, all specialities are divided into groups depending on the job description and qualifications of the employee.

This division is called the National Occupational Classification – NOC – National Occupational Classification.

The official description of the National Occupational Classification on the Government of Canada website;

These five professional groups are suitable for immigration to Canada, but only the first three are suitable for immigration under the Express Entry program.

To apply for the Express Entry program, you must have your work experience in one of the following three groups:

  • Skill Type 0 – All management positions. This includes both the restaurant manager and the captain of the fishing vessel.
  • Skill Type A – professions that require a higher education diploma, for example, doctor, lawyer, architect, among others;
  • Skill Type B – technical specialities or crafts for which secondary vocational education is sufficient: plumbers, electricians, cooks.

Each profession in the NOC has its number. On a special page, you can see which group your profession belongs to, whether it is suitable for Express Entry and what its number in the NOC classification is.

Your experience will be taken into account only if you have worked in this speciality for at least a year at full time.

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Exams in English or French

To be eligible to participate in Express Entry, you need to pass an exam in English or French: you can choose the one that you know best.

  • For English, IELTS General Training or CELPIP General Test certificates are accepted
  • For French – TEF Canada or TCF Canada.

The results for all four assessment criteria – listening, reading, writing and speaking skills – must be at least the seventh level of the Canadian language assessment system – CLB, Canadian Language Benchmarks.

For IELTS, this means that all scores must be at least 6.

In other words, you need to have at least an upper-intermediate level of proficiency in the language: Upper-Intermediate.

Required Education

If the applicant does not have Canadian diplomas or certificates of education, then it will be necessary to prove that his level of education corresponds at least to the level of Canadian secondary education, that is, high school.

To do this, you need to send your diploma to a Canadian organization, which will evaluate it and tell you what level it corresponds to.

Meanwhile, a list of Canadian organizations that evaluate foreign degrees is available on the government website.

Registration Documents and Quotas

Registration for Express Entry is free. You need to upload copies of three documents to the system;

  1. A valid passport.
  2. Certificate of passing the exam in English or French. The certificate must be valid. IELTS, for example, is valid for two years from the date of the exam.
  3. Education Assessment Report.

As soon as you register, the system will send a welcome letter with congratulations: you have been accepted into the pool of candidates for Canadian residency.

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But it’s too early to rejoice because getting into the pool does not guarantee that you will be invited to apply for a residence permit.


At this point, you will realize the process involved in starting your express entry application is not difficult.

So, ensure that you share this article with your colleagues who might find this article useful.

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