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When you’re at the top notch of visiting Canada, the first thing you should consider striving to have in your possession is the Canadian visa. Just like any other international country, you must obtain a visa before taking a trip to Canada expect in some rare cases where some nationals of a country or some certain individuals are visa exempted. applying for a Canadian visa isn’t as simple as many think. however it is not equally difficult as it is being hyped. your only barrier to not having a Canadian visa is not meeting up with the requirements for the application. Of all the different types of visa application, obtaining a Canada visitor Visa is the most flexible and promising among them.

They’re nearly up to millions of applicants applying for Canadian visa yearly. some aspire for residency while others apply to go there for tourism and later returned back to their country upon the completion of the expected time allocated in the visa. in this article, we’ll basically center on the Canadian visa application. how it works, the eligibility status, fees and many more details about it.

What is a Canada Visitor Visa?

Supposedly you’re very familiar with the term visa. the Canadian visitor visa is a type of authoritative licence which allows a non citizen of Canada probably a foreigner into the country. Apart from the visa exempted countries, everyone wishing to travel to Australia must obtain a visa before being allowed into the country. no matter the status of your stay, either for residency or tourism (except the use of eTA) you must fulfill the process of visa application and get it approved before beginning your trip.

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With a Canadian visitor visa, you can stay in Canada for up to about 6 months before returning back to your home country. Unless you renew your visa, the holders of Canadian visa are only allowed to stay in the country for 6 months or less.

Documents Required for Canadian Visitor Visa

The Canadian Temporary Resident Visa otherwise known as the visitor or tourist visa allows you to have some necessary documents before beginning your application. in either cases you must present the information before you can begin your application or get it moving.

The following are the lists of documents you’re to provide before proceeding to obtain your Canadian Visitor Visa

• You’ll need a valid passport or country resident card before proceeding to the application

• You will need a Canada Visitor Visa Checklist

• You must show an efficient proof of your ties to your home country certifying you’re a legal citizen

• You must show proof that you have the required funds for your upkeep during your stay in Canada, to proof this, you may need a bank statement or any method disclosed to you

• If you’re being invited by someone, you’re expected to bring a certified letter of invitation from the person inviting you to come to Canada to stay with him/her

• You will be required to proof that you’ll stay in Canada only on a temporary basis and will be willing to return back to your home country when the time is due.

• Must have the intention of not working or study in Canada while holding your visitor visa

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• You must not have a record of criminal activity, criminals aren’t welcomed into the country. this can be proofed using an affirmation letter from a court or a police statement from any nearby station

• You bust be healthy and not sicky. you may be required to take a complete medical test to proof that

You May Need only eAT

The Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) recently introduced is a simple hurdle free method of traveling to Canada by some nationals of a specific country. although not all countries are previleged to enjoy this, however they’re lots of foreign countries which are registered under this program. the process require you to complete some simple online task without going through the stress of visa application. having a valid passport, you’re likely to gain entry to Canada if you’re from any of the following country mentioned below.

• Andorra

• Australia

• Austria

• Bahamas

• Barbados

• Belgium

• Brunei Darussalam

• Bulgaria

• Chile

• Croatia

• Czech Republic

• Denmark

• Estonia

• Finland

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Hong Kong

• Hungary

• Iceland

• Ireland

• Italy

• Japan

• Latvia

• Liechtenstein

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• Mexico

• Monaco

• Netherlands

• New Zealand

• Norway

• Papua New Guinea

• Poland

• Portugal

• Republic of Cyprus

• Romania

• Samoa

• San Marino

• Singapore

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Solomon Islands

• South Korea

• Spain

• Sweden

• Switzerland

• Taiwan

• United Kingdom

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Application for Canada Visitor Visa

The application is normally done online. Including all the information, all the process of application will done online and there shall be no any form of physical form filling. all you have to do is filling for the for IMM 5257 on the Canadian visa site.

The form IMM 5257 is the type of form you’ll have to fill if you’re intending to travel to Canada for tourism or any form of short stay. you’re to generate the form there on the website and then fill for each lines of the forms, provide the necessary information and then make your payments.

Canadian Visitor Visa, What is the Fees?

Recall that all types of visitor visa to Canada requires you to begin your application online, you’re expected to pay some certain amount of money before you can submit your application.

To Canada Visitor Visa Application, the costs of the application is about $100 CAD as the application fee and the sum of $85 CAD for biometrics fee.

Other expenses you will encounter during your application are not disclosed here. you’re strongly advised to read through the various breakdown of Canadian visa trip fees to be sure of your expenses before beginning to pack.

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