Facts You Need to Know Before Applying For Canada Visa



If you’re intending to apply for a Canadian visa, they’re lots of things you must know before beginning your application. you need some basic information about Canadian policy on visa application approval, the formats of the application, ways of living upon your arrival in the country and above all how to make a successful application to stand a better chance of being approved.

Every action which is taken on the impression of facts and awareness narrowly has a chance of being inconsequential in the nearer future, this is why you’re strongly advised to know many things about the Canadian visa application policy before embarking the journey of the application. This way, you will not only stand a better chance of making an easy and flexible application but will also help you to make an error free application which will in turn help you to get your application approved at the appropriate time.

To apply for a Canada visa, there’s no much you must know before beginning your application, all the crucial steps will be disclosed to you during your application. However they’re few things you must at least keep in mind before going for the application.

Below are some of the things you must know before beginning your visa application to Canada.

Choose your Stream of entrance

If you’re planning to apply for a visa to Canada, then the first question you’re to ask yourself is how am I going to enter the country? of course you cannot trip to Canada the same way you travel within your home country, you’re expected to figure out the method in which you’ll enter the country before starting the visa application.

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They’re many ways in which you can enter the country, like the Canadian business visa, Canada experience class, Provincial Nominee, student visa, Asylee and refugees and other methods of application. study each of them properly by checking their eligibility status

Check if you can use eTA

The eTA introduced in 2015 fully means Electronic Travel Authorization. It is basically designed for some certain countries which gives them an impediment free application when planning to take a trip to Canada. nationals of such countries can easily apply through an online eTA which is linked to their passport without going through visa application.

The eTA is available for tourism visa, transit and business visa for up to six months. it has multiple entries and valid for 5 years.

The following countries are fully licensed to come to Canada through the eTA. to know if you’re qualified to use eAT or not, check on the following countries and find out if your country is among them.








Brunei Darussalam

Czech Republic









Hong Kong













New Zealand




Papua New Guinea


Republic of Cyprus







Solomon Islands

San Marino


South Korea



United Kingdom


Checking for your Eligibility Status

All types of visa application are different in terms of their condition and the criteria for getting an applicant approved. If you’re intending to enter the country through a tourist visa, check if you’re eligible for the application or not. The same way as an applicant applying for work in Canada, you must have a job offer from a registered Canadian company. For a student going to apply for a Canadian student visa, you’ll need to have an admission letter printed and have all the necessary documents needed. you’re advised to fact check the requirements for the visa application method you choose before visiting any Canadian embassy to incept your application.

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Study about Canada

If you’re intending to apply for a visa to Canada, it is likely that you may find so many strange things in the country. to curb this a little, it is advisable to know some basic things about the country such as their rules and regulations, their weather conditions, traveling policies and many more.

You May need a Medical Check

This is only applicable to people whom are traveling to stay in the country for more than 6 months, you must undertake a compulsory medical test to be sure you’re healthy before being allowed to live in Canada

Know the Canadian Visa fees

They’re different kinds of payment you may encounter during your Canadian visa application such as application fees, biometrics etc. budget a proper amount of money for the visa application before beginning the process. figure out the respective fees for each of them and make your expenses as simple as possible.

Know the Processing time of your Visa

Not all types of visa stand you a chance of getting instant approval. Some visas may take up to 4 weeks, 3 months, six months and some may take you up to a year. The processing time is worth knowing to allow you to start your preparation at the appropriate time.

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