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Every Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are above the age of 18 are legalized to sponsor someone into the country to stay with them under some certain conditions and regulations.

What is the Canada Family Sponsorship Immigration?

Every dream of ambitious person’s is having their families close to them. To help fulfill this, the government of Canada has introduced the family sponsorship Immigration Visa. If you’re living in Canada as a permanent resident or a citizen, you’re entitled to sponsor someone into the country as far as you can keep up with the conditions attached.

Sponsorship flexibility depends on the status of the sponsor either he/she is a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Normally citizens of Canada always has a longer chain of family sponsorship to Canada. However in either of the cases, the same regard is given to any of those sponsored to matter the status of their sponsor.

Canada Family Sponsorship Immigration What is the Eligibility Status?

They’re some certain standard you must meet before sponsoring someone into Canada. They are:

• The sponsor must be at least 18 years old

• The sponsor must have a residency status in Canada before he/she can sponsor someone to the country. Only a citizen and permanent resident of Canada can sponsor their families to Canada.

• In some cases you may be in another country but willing to sponsor someone to Canada, in that case as a Canadian citizen since you’re living outside the country, you must show the proof of your willingness to stay in Canada upon the arrival of the person you sponsored to become permanent resident in the country

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• In a case in which you’re a permanent resident of Canada but you’re not living in the country, you’re not entitled to sponsor someone into the country

• Having the resources to take care of the person you sponsored. Of course if you sponsor someone to Canada, you’re expected to take care of them for the main time before they start working in the country.

Canadian Family Sponsorship Immigration, What are the Streams?

They’re many streams of Canadian sponsorship Immigration under family Immigration through which you can be sponsored to Canada. Each streams depend on your eligibility status and the person sponsoring you. Below are some of the Canadian Sponsorship Immigration streams.

Spousal sponsorship

Having married to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, then reuniting with your spouse in the country is simple. If you’re looking forward to meeting your spouse who’s a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, then you’re to apply through this stream of family sponsorship Immigration to Canada.

This method of Immigration allow you to sponsor your spouses, common-law partners and conjugal partners. Same sex relationship is also welcomed in Canada.

You’re expected to proof for any of the above mentioned relationship using one method or the other to be qualified before you can be allowed to unite with your sponsor in Canada. If you’re married, you’re expected to present a valid marriage certificate to verify your marriage. They can equally apply for Canadian Citizenship if they have met with the requirements.

Canada Super Immigration Visa

The Canadian super visa is the type of family sponsorship Immigration which allows parents and grandparents of Canadian nationals and permanent residents to sponsor their parents and grandparents into the country in other to live with them permanently.

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Although the application for this sponsorship Immigration is temporarily closed. the super visa allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to live, work in Canada and also enjoy all the social benefits in Canada as others.

Dependent Child Sponsorship Immigration

Among the family sponsorship Immigration is the Dependent child Sponsorship Immigration to Canada. As a citizen of Canada or permanent resident, sponsoring your child to the country is a very simple task. you’re expected to pass some screening criteria and your status should be valid. all you need to present is a birth certificate indicating you’re a legal parent to the child. Adopted and orphaned family family members also belongs to this method of Immigration. in the case of adopted children, you must provide a certified adoption letter. All dependent children to be sponsored to Canada must be at the age of 22 downwards and must be unmarried.

Canada Family Sponsorship Immigration, What is the Fees?

Apart from the budget you’re expected to set aside to take care of your sponsored family member, there’s also a compulsory processing fee you must pay before the completion of your application. In all, the application fees varies from streams to streams.

Although they’re mainly two types of processing fee for the Family Class Sponsorship Immigration. They are;

• The Principal applicant which may be the spouse, parents and grandparents or dependent child of over 22 years of age

• The Dependent Children who are below the age of 22 years

Principal Applicants

The spouses, parents/grandparents and children above 22 are termed principal applicants and they’re application fee is CAD $550. applicants must be be sure of the conversion rate before proceeding to the payment. the method of payment will be disclosed on the instructions given either through cash, credit card or check.

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Dependents Child

Children of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to be sponsored into the country and are below the age of 22 fall under this category. they’re expected to pay an application fee of CAD $150.

Canada Family Sponsorship Immigration, What is the processing Time?

The processing time for the Canadian family sponsorship Immigration is not feasible. Depending on the sponsored individuals the time varies. Sponsoring your parents or grandparents may take years while other relatives may take up to 12 months to 24 months.

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