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Among the biggest dream of every ambitious people is the desire to live a comfortable life through having a standards works and other therapeutically life activities. everyone will wants to belong to the best either through commitment or breakthrough.

Of course one of the most primitive way to attain a standard life is through having a good job which will foot your bills, engage you in one activities or the others, give you room to live and explore on many occasions and as well help you to develop many skills through hardworking and consistency. To make this feast a reality, one of the most renowned places with such features and standard is Canada.

In fact Canada has the list of best jobs worldwide both in terms of payments, working time schedule and employee’s compatibility with the said jobs according to the latest studies. in this case, you might be interested in knowing the various types of good jobs in Canada right? then this is the right place for you.

Although determining the betterment of a certain job requires contraction of many criteria and then considering them at the same time. they’re lots of thing which makes a job better than another. many people normally compare the betterment of a job to another based on the amount earned leaving behind the prestige and other social benefits involved which is very wrong. salary is just one of the many factors which is used to determine whether a job is good or not. they’re lots of factors which should be considered before coming into conclusion such as:

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• The Salary attached to the said job in which you’re seeking for

• The work time Schedule and it’s nature. how long you work a day, when to start work and when to close

• Place of work either from home, offices or on a trip. some work might require you to even work in a foreign country

• The Value and respect earned

• The self fulfillment and enthusiasm In the job

• Savings and expenses involved

They’re many other things which should be taken into consideration before terming a job a better one. however the above is the best and most common factors to be evaluated.

Below are the list of the best Canadian Jobs

Medical Doctors

Medical doctors are the most revered profession in the whole world. they’re services to humanity is second to none. Many ambiguous person’s aspire to become doctors due to the fulfilment in the profession. saving lives and bringing babies to the world is their utmost priority.

Aside the prestige the medical practitioners get, they’re equally the top most paid workers in Canada and world at large. their salary pay pack is highly appreciating. Although salaries of doctors varies from their professional levels and specialisation. The average salary of a medical doctor in Canada is about $281,000 per annum for family doctors. $360,000 for medical specialist and up to 481,000 for surgical specialists.

Software Engineer

The software engineers are among the top ranked job in Canada 2021. Earning up to about $90,000, they’re equally one of the time friendly workers. they’re jobs are flexible and can equally work in many places.

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Head Nurses Supervisors

These workers are among the most fulfilled workers having gotten the privilege to work for humanity. they supervise and monitor the activities of nurses and other clinical activities in the hospital. They also draw budgets and make other management plans. they receive up to $83,000 annually.


Pharmacy is a noble profession in every corner of the world. pharmacist aren’t only limited to work on doctor’s prescription but also helps in advising patients on how to take, handle drugs and also the benefits of taking them. Pharmacist also take home a descent salary of up to $104,000 annually.

Business Executives

This is equally one of the best job people run after. certainly everyone will wants to become boss and take in charge of making commands and executing plans. the business executives help in making plans, budgets and as well as monitor the activities of businesses. they’re paid up to $107,000 or more annually.

Banking & Credit Manager

Bankers are of great relevance to the society. taking in charge of people’s funds is one of the greatest profession in this modern world. Banking & Credit Manager are entitled to take care of banking activities and other administration. they’re rewarded with a good amount of money. an average Banking and Credit Manager earn an amount of money up to $95,000 per annum.

Public administration director

These categories of workers has a very flexible working time. they’re only required to oversee the activities of organization such as government activities, hiring staffs and as well as managing other activities of organizations.

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These categories of workers are also one of the most paid workers in Canada. they’re rewarded with up to about $114,000 per annum.

Engineering Manager

Engineering is also one of the most revered profession in this modern world. the engineering managers are obliged to supervise projects both in government and private sectors, make projects plans, hire workers for projects etc.

Aside the flexibility of their job, they’re also rewarded handsomely. On an average, engineering managers receive up to $109,000 per annum.

Economic Development Director

The economic development director are government workers specialised in taking care of the development of cities, towns and many more. this involves constriction, planning and making policies on the development of the territory.

Scientific Research Manager

These experts are entitled to organize teams of trained professionals to work while they supervise and gives intructions. as simple as the job might be, they’re pay is however enticing. scientific research manager can earn up to $100,000 per annum and even more than that as time passed.

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