Migrate to Canada Through Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program



Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

AIPP is an immigration pilot program introduced in 2017 for three years. It allows skilled, intermediate skilled, international graduates to become permanent residents of Canada and immigrate to one of the Atlantic provinces, namely Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

All programs under the AIPP are employer-oriented, so applicants must obtain a job offer to meet the criteria.

Thus, local employers play a large role in this process.

This program does not require going through the Labor Market Position Assessment (LMIA).

However, an employer still has to follow a few steps to hire an employee through this program.

Under the AIPP, the employer also works with organizations that provide resettlement services in their province. It can help newcomers to settle and integrate into Canada.

The process for appointing an employer and the resettlement assistance organization is different for each province;

  • Nova Scotia employer requirements.
  • Employer Requirements New Brunswick.
  • Prince Edward Island employer requirements.
  • Employer Requirements Newfoundland and Labrador.

In all cases, the employer must submit a job offer, a description of the adaptation assistance plan for each adult family member, and an application for confirmation by the provincial authorities.

If the province approves the application, they will send the applicant/applicant a letter of approval. This letter must be included in your immigration application.

AIPP Requirements for Employers in Nova Scotia

Employers in Nova Scotia seeking to fill labour shortages with the AIPP must obtain provincially approved assignment confirmation.

To be appointed, an employer must;

  • Have a well-functioning business.
  • Provide information about labour necessity.
  • Commit to working with a company to provide resettlement and reinforcement services.
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To be approved, an employer must;

  • Demonstrate that attempts to recruit labour locally have not yielded the desired results.
  • Recruit a foreign worker.
  • Provide a valid full-time job offer for a foreign worker that is of a permanent (non-seasonal) nature.
  • Provide an individual resettlement plan signed with the foreign worker.
  • The employer must be in a working relationship with the provincial resettlement service company.

AIPP Requirements for Employers in New Brunswick

Employers in New Brunswick who are interested in participating in the AIPP must meet the following criteria;

  • The employer is going to hire a foreign candidate for a full-time job that is not seasonal.
  • The employer and his business are well established and have a good reputation.
  • The employer undertakes to meet the needs of the foreign candidate (candidates) and accompanying family members.

AIPP Requirements for Employers on Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island employers who are interested in AIPP must meet the criteria for appointment.

The employer must;

  • Want to hire a full-time and off-season foreign candidate.
  • Have a good reputation and adhere to provincial and federal standards and laws.
  • Be able to accept the foreign candidate (s) and meet his needs and accompanying family members.
  • Understand and agree to the reporting requirements for the program.
  • An Employer Appointment Application must be completed before you can apply for an Alien Worker Confirmation under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Once assigned, the employer has the right to apply for confirmation of the foreign worker he would like to hire.

AIPP Requirements for Employers in Newfoundland and Labrador

The appointment is the first step for an employer in Newfoundland and Labrador who is interested in participating in the AIPP. The appointment process confirms the following:

  • AIPP is the immigration program that best suits the needs of the employer.
  • The employer is going to hire a foreign candidate that is full-time and non-seasonal.
  • The employer and his business are in good standing and comply with the fundamental principles of the program.
  • The employer can accept the foreign candidate (s) and can satisfy his needs and accompanying family members.
  • The employer understands and agrees with the reporting requirements for the program.
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If you an employer who meet the requirements of a certain province in Canada why not take advantage of their Atlantic Immigration Pilot program.

Ensure that you share this with your colleagues online because they may find it very useful thanks.

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