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Canada is usually known for its mountains, snow, lakes, but also its low temperatures. So this can generate some kind of doubt when choosing when to immigrate to another country.

If you are thinking of studying in a foreign country, Canada offers high educational quality, a wide offer and, if that were not enough, scholarships to study in Canada.

Next, we’ll talk about some types of scholarships to study in Canada that exist; we want you to be clear about all your options, depending on what your goals are.

Whatever your idea, whether you’re graduating from college, studying English, taking an undergraduate, graduate or master’s degree, this list will help you consider studying further in Canada.

  • Humber College  

This scholarship consists of a 2,000 CAD discount on the student’s tuition fee during the first year of study and is intended as a reward for exemplary students who have previous high academic qualifications.

For that, your average grade (GPA) must be 85%, plus 6.5 or more in IELTS or equivalent.

If you are among the people who have the requirements to apply, please know that the scholarship will be awarded to those who have already received their letter of acceptance and confirmed their offer before January 30, 2021, for the semester of May 2021 or May 30 from 2021 to the semester of September 2021.

  • York University  

York is a university known for having a beautiful and spacious campus with modern and old buildings and for having a large number of programs/courses compared to other universities.

You would be surprised to know the types of programs that the site offers.

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Scholarships are available to international students currently enrolled at York University, but to be considered for the benefit, they must submit a financial profile electronically.

This is an online application form that is used to apply for many of the grants.

This registration must be done at the beginning of each term, once for autumn/winter and once for summer.

In doing so, you will be considered for several programs at York University.

Below are some scholarships in the York University;

Entry scholarships: Entry scholarships are awarded once when students first enter York. Some entry scholarships are awarded automatically and others must be specifically requested.

York University Continuing Scholarship: it is distributed annually in August to students who have achieved exceptional academic results in previous autumn/winter and summer sessions.

The value of the prizes varies proportionally with the level of academic performance and workload. No application is required for this scholarship.

Scholarship for international students: The scholarship for international students is available for international students who are experiencing an unexpected or emergency financial need due to unforeseen circumstances.

Visit the York University website, where you can find the option that best suits you.

  • Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University has around 1200 international student places year after year, along it.

Therefore, to make your stay in Canada more comfortable, this university offers about 380 rooms and a family program on its campus.

It is one of the best universities in Vancouver. Thanks to its program, its academic level, its modern campus and the many activities that the place offers.

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Besides, it has about 300 different jobs for its students.

To enrol in the programs, we first recommend that you explore their website. After that, check the requirements that are necessary to apply.

  • Official transcripts
  • The exam that proves your level of English
  • Certified translation into English of any document issued in a language other than English
  • Copy of your passport (photo page)
  • Copy of high school diploma (if available)
  • Copy of university degree (if available)
  • All of your documents must be translated by a certified or certified translator if they are in a language other than English.


  • University of Calgary

The University of Calgary was ranked 151 out of 200 internationally, and # 6 out of 9 nationally, ranked by the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2020.

This university offers a wide variety of full and partial scholarships for international students.

Thanks to the collaboration of private entities and the Canadian government who made it possible. These grants range from $ 1,000 to $ 40,000 and cover different fields of study.

Another interesting fact about the University of Calgary is that it belongs to the Canada Scholarship Program which aims to contribute to the capacity of Pacific Alliance governments (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) to manage and regulate their extractive sectors for the benefit of their countries.

  • University of Waterloo 

For 26 consecutive years, the University of Waterloo has been ranked first in Canada as the most innovative university.

It offers postgraduate, masters and doctoral scholarships to international students.

For the master’s you could receive about the US $ 1,600 for two years and the doctorate about the US $ 3,300 for 3 years.

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There are several programs aimed at international students, so if you are interested in research and want to continue cultivating your studies, we recommend that you go and review the scholarships and programs for international students.

Ensure that you share this article with your colleagues who might also be searching for scholarships in Canada. Thanks.

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