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Behind the USA and the United Kingdom, Australia takes the lead as the highest most applied country to study by international students from different parts of the world, most especially the English language speaking based countries.

It is quite enticing that the country’s lead is a sudden transformation because of the hike by 14% currently compared to that of 2016. As a result, millions of international students aspire for a student visa to Australia in all the various institutions of learning, however about 502,544 of the international students were enrolled in all the various schools both public and private.

This is due to the high standards schools in every corner of the country, according to the statistics majority of the students come from Asian countries. some countries like China, Nepal, Malaysia, Vietnam and India with almost 30% of the entire population coming from China alone.

With such great numbers of international students coming to Australia yearly, one would wonder why. but the reasons are no other than low tuition fees and the low cost of living in Australia compared to the USA and United kingdom.

Not only did the students wants to go for studies in Australia because of their fees and others, it is also one of the countries that issues student work permits to work in Australia within the work categories assigned to students. The Australia work permit visa is issued to students who are intending to work in Australia and have met up with the requirements for eligibility.

What type of Student Visa can allow me to work in Australia?

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The Australian student visa automatically allows you to work there for full time during the holidays and part time during semester.

This is to say no matter your study’s schedule and your course of study, you can easily find a simple job with the Australian student visa. In some cases, your student visa may not come with a license to work. in that case you’re to apply for the student visa permit upon your arrival in the country.

To know the various types of part time students’ jobs in Australia, below are the few and popular ones among them.

Field works

As a student in Australia, they’re lots of jobs in your field of studies where you can take on some menial jobs. As an engineering student, you may have a vacancy in some construction sites to carry out some little jobs, working at some local news station for people studying courses related to media and communication and many more.

Jobs like Guest keeping and Hospitality

One of the easiest part time job to do as a student in Australia is services works, it is time convenient and time schedule for students to manage along with their studies.

As a student looking for a services job, you can easily work in cinemas playing one role or the other. working in hotels, restaurants, takeaway food stores, sport sites and bars depending on your time schedule for the said work and payment involved. you can have a shift if necessary.

Selling & Retail Jobs

As a student intending to work in Australia, having gotten your work permit you’re therefore licenced to work in any category within your limits. considering retail jobs can be time convenient and less tedious. you can decide to own a large store where you sell or any mini shops within your possession.

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Assistant/Services or subordinate jobs

This could be the easiest job to find in Australia. you can work under this category in filling stations either as an attendant or any type of role. call centers for some cases, supermarkets cleaner in some certain places etc.

How many hours can I work in Australia as a Student?

Students who are holders of the Australian work permit and are intending to work in the country have a certain time assigned to them which must not be breached while working there. the holders of the Australian work permit are only required to work for up to 40hrs in a fortnight during the semester and for full time during the holidays.

Student must take proper care to work within this limit because working above the time stipulated may be tantamount to getting your visa revoked.

How much can I earn while working as a student in Australia?

Working as a student is just a privilege for you to have something to sustain yourself while schooling in the country. recall that they’re specified working time for student who are using the student work permit. The minimum wage assigned to students using a work permit is 18.23$ per hour and about $719.20 for the full time.

Will I pay Tax while working as a student in Australia?

Of course working in Australia automatically makes you a registered worker in the country. As a student working with the student visa, you’re expected to pay your tax upon receiving your salary.

You’re expected to file a tax return as soon as you get a job and your tax will be deducted before your payments by your employer and are deposited to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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