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Over the years, universities in Canada are one of the top ranked in the world, in every year, a good numbers of Canadian universities are making to the top list of world ranks due due to the country’s efforts to make a words class and perfect education for its citizens and other international students to study and explore in the country.

The sudden transformation of the country’s educational system owing to the fact that more than 6 Canadian universities suddenly made it to the top list of the best universities in the world is of course a food for thought.

The number might seem to be not convincing enough, this is why it is very crucial to relate the feast with the country’s population and as well as the number of higher institutions in the country. Canada as a country has few populations, in fact Canada is one of the first world countries with a very low population.

Within the country, they’re also standards which are also crucial to relate. recall that the country is filled with a good number of higher institutions for studies, they’re also way differences among them too.

This article will walk you through the path to know the various top ranked institutions of learning in Canada.

What are the top ranked institutions of learning in Canada

Below are the top ranked institutions in Canada based on their academic performance, employers expectations, research and technical work out.

1- University of Toronto

The best University in Canada so far as of 2021 is the prestigious university of Toronto.

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Every year, the university produces surplus  graduates of different skills and experience which occupy all the various working sectors in Canada. outside the university, it’s graduates are known to be productive and we’ll train. the university of Toronto also has a track record of having produced highly respected alumni all over the country and as well as international countries too.

Currently the university is ranked 15th best in the world making it the first Canadian universities to have attained that position.

2- McGill University

Talking about the second best university in Canada, then we’re left with the prestigious McGill University. The university as of 2021 becomes the second best university in the country. It is located in Montreal, the university also has a track records of producing a convincing number of alumni such as the 12 Nobel Laureates and 145 Rhodes Scholars. not to mention the one and only prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. The university is known for excellency and tranquility owing to the standard and quality training it rendered it’s students.

3- University of British Columbia

The third best university in Canada so far as of 2021 is the University of British Columbia. The university also stands as the 28th best worldwide. It has well structured and organized infrastructures making it conducive for students. it equally has stocks of highly qualified teaching personnel.

4- Université de Montréal

The sudden transformation of the Université de Montréal is wow and applaudable, being at number 5 over the years, the school has suddenly overtaken the long ranked university of Alberto which was the top 4th to become the top 5th in the country.

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One of the great things about the school is its ability to harbor a larger number of international students and it’s sponsorship scholarship all over the world.

5- University of Alberta

Despite the sudden fall of the University of Alberta to the top 5th in the country, it is noteworthy that the university of Alberta still remains one of the best universities in Canada as it was, it is ranked as the top 119th in the world rank as of 2021. the university harbore over 40,000 students both foreign and international students studying in the institution, it has a well structured infrastructure and has about 4 campuses.

6- McMaster University

The McMaster University is well known for its standard medical school, it has one of the best medical school in the country, the university stands as the 6th best university in Canada and 144th in world university rankings. the university is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

7- The University of Waterloo

According to the 2021 world’s best university rankings, the university of Waterloo stands as the 166th best in the world and 7th best within the Canadian universities.

8- Western University

Webster’s university is arguably the best university in Canada in terms of research works. The university also harbors a good number of both citizens and international students from all over the world studying in all the various university’s faculties. It is ranked as the top 203rd best worldwide and 8th position among the Canadian universities.

9- Queens University

The 9th best Canadian university is the prestigious Queen’s University located in Kingston, Ontario. The university also stands as the top 246 best universities worldwide as at ,2021.

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10- University of  Calgary

The famous University of Calgary, founded in 1944 firstly as the Calgary branch of the University of Alberta, is ranked as the top 10th best university in Canada. the university separated independently over the years and it has greatly transformed into a parent institution with over five campuses and up to 33,000 citizens and international students.

Other ranked Canadian Universities In the country and their position.

The University of Ottawa: ranked as the  279th worldwide

The Dalhousie University: which is  ranked as 291st in the world as at 2021

The Simon Fraser University: ranked 323rd worldwide

The University of Victoria: ranked as the 370th best university in the world

The Laval University: also ranked as the 420th best worldwide

The University of Saskatchewan: which stands as the 465th

The Concordia University: the Concordia University is ranked 477th in the world

The York University: ranked 531-540 worldwide

The University of Guelph: ranked 571-580

= The Carleton University: ranked 601-650

= The Université du Québec: ranked 601-650

= The University of Manitoba: ranked 601-650

The Memorial University of Newfoundland: which is ranked 701-750 in the world

The Université de Sherbrooke: also ranked as the 701-750 best university in the world

The University of Windsor: ranked 751-800 worldwide

The Ryerson University: ranked 801-100 worldwide

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