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The Highest Paid Jobs in Canada



If you are reading this, you’re probably one of the more than 62 million Canadians who live in the Greater Toronto Area. With an average of just under 24 million people living in the Greater Toronto Area, the GTA is home to some of the highest levels of foot traffic and employment opportunities in Canada. The job market in this region is also among the most dynamic due to its central location. Many people who live in or work in the GTA view it as their second home and many of them spend a great deal of time traveling within its borders for work or other reasons. According to Statistics Canada’s 2016-17 Employment Housing Report, there are over 20,000 jobs available in the Greater Toronto Area and another 20,200 jobs available within 90 km of Pearson International Airport. Given that many people find it difficult to get a job anywhere but downtown or with colleagues at work, it’s no surprise that many of these jobs are located within a distance of just a few miles. If you live or work in one part of Toronto or its surrounding area and want to be one of the highest paid jobs in Canada, keep reading to know about them:

The Highest Paid Jobs in Canada

Construction/Construction Management: The most lucrative field in the Greater Toronto Area. This is due to the growth of this industry in the region. It also offers good salaries, high pay day rates, and excellent working conditions.

Personal Care and Service: This is another highly lucrative industry with very high paydays. Some of the highest paying jobs in this field include personal care providers, nursing home care assistants, and home health aids.

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Marketing/Sales: Again, this is another highly lucrative industry with high paydays. Many of the highest paying jobs in this field are related to marketing or selling products or services. These jobs also pay very well and can be done remotely.

How to Get the Highest Paying Job in Canada

If you are interested in working at a high paying job in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s important to know the requirements and standards of the positions. This is because these jobs are highly competitive and require employers to submit a competitive salary offer to the Toronto Star for review. If the position you are interested in does not offer the pay, benefits, or work environment you seek, then it’s unlikely you will be able to find it in the Toronto area. To get the highest pay in Canada, it’s important to find a job with benefits and be willing to work for long hours without a pay increase. In these jobs, you will often be responsible for managing a team of up to 18 people working for a company. These are often multi-area jobs that cover multiple cities and/or states. Be sure to ask yourself this question: “Is this the right job for me?” Asking friends and family members will only make it harder to find the right job. This is where budget comes into play. How much do you want to spend on benefits? How much do you want to spend on pay? If you have a large family or would like to be able to cover a large number of bills each month, choose a job with benefits. If you do not have the funds for benefits, or prefer to foot the bill yourself, or have a low income, then consider working for a smaller company.

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What is the Highest Paying Job in Toronto?

The Toronto job market is very competitive. There are many opportunities in this field that pay very well. To earn the highest pay, you will need to be able to work in a hot location with lots of competition. You can find these in the following cities: Toronto Vancouver Montreal Calgary Edmonton Sydney

The 9 Best Freelance Jobs in Canada

What are the best freelance jobs in Canada? If you are looking for work that offers a high degree of flexibility, requires little organizing, and is challenging but rewarding, then the following are some of the best jobs in Canada to learn and keep your foot in the door.

Advertising/PR: Digital media, television, radio, and print/magazine production. Excellent pay and a challenging work environment.

Accounting/Accounting In-house: This position requires detailed accounting and financial analysis. It’s also involved in dispute resolution, collection of insurance premiums, and collection of tax dings.

Accounting Specialist/Accounting/Tax: This is a complicated position with complicated accounting, tax, and revenues and Departments. This position requires a high level of certifications and experience.


The job market in Canada is very competitive, with many opportunities to work for high pay and excellent working conditions. The best way to get a job in one of these industries is to research the requirements, pay, and salary of the positions and decide which one tempts you. We hope this article has given you some information about the highest paid jobs in Canada. Whether you are just starting out in business or have been in business for years, you can find a job with benefits and start making some cash right here in Canada.

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