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Australia Visa Types

Are you looking for the various types of Australian visa? Of course they’re numerous types of visa to Australia depending on your choice and your requirements. All types of visa to Australia require you to undergo some certain process before having your application approved. If you’re interested knowing the various types of visa to Australia, below are some of the important and most popular types of visa you may have to consider.

Short-Stay Work Visa

The Australian Short-term work visas are of different types. We have the short stay specialist visas, training Visa or temporary activity visa.

Visas for Specialist Work on a Short-Term Basis (400)

This form of visa is only available to skilled people who are not available in Australia and who are expected to participate in specialized nature’s work in their home country that must be done in a limited period of time to meet a contractual obligation in Australia between an Australian industry and an overseas provider.

Temporary Activity Visa – Training – (407)

A Training Visa (407) is given to those who seek to increase their skills through a structured work-place practicing program. There is a required basic skill level of which the applicants are expected to meet up and have had 12 months experience from their previous 24 months spent in the occupation they are willing to be trained in.

The applicant also needs to be ratified as an ephemeral activity sponsor and present a valid and detailed structured training plan which the foreigner will be trained in. This type of visa can be granted for any period of time for up to 2 years, although it depends on how
long your training is needed.

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Temporary Activity Visa subclass 408

This type of visa is needed to visit Australia for a stipulated period of time for an occasion or functions. We have many types of short stay activity visas such as domestic worker, religious worker, invited participant in an event, research, exchange and many others.

Partner or Parent Visa – subclasses 820/801, 309/100 and 300

This type of visa is a provisional or permanent partner visa granted to people in a marital relationship, fiancé, or de-facto partner citizen of an Australian provided the couple are in a legal relationship.

Under normal circumstances, a partner visa is a two-step application with a temporary visa being firstly applied (820 or 309) and then the permanent residency status which can be given two years after the subclass (801 or 100) is granted. Before the granting of the residency the spouse have to testify that they are still together.

A 300 visa is a prospective partner visa, it can only be granted on the condition that the foreign applicant is located in another country. This visa needs the couple to meet in person before they would be able to lodge for the application.

Parent Visas

Contributory –143 (offshore) and 864 (onshore).
Non- Contributory –103 (offshore) and 804 (onshore).

Generally, parent visas are classified into two types which are contributory and non-contributory parent visas. Any of them can be lodge either within or outside Australia. For a parents visa to be lodged in Australia, one of the parents must at least meet up with the required age of the aged pension definition in the country.

Also, people who are seeking for parent visas must meet the required family test. Meaning that at least half of the parent’s children live in Australia as Australian citizens or more of their children are living in Australia as citizens than in other countries.

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Student or Graduate Visa – subclass 500/485

This type of student visa is granted to applicants who want to study in Australia. Student visa requirements are determined by education providers and countries overseas. There is an excellent wide range of offers once a student program in Australia is being completed and they meet up with the study requirements, they can as well be granted a Provisional Graduate Skilled Visa (485) in which they can use for unlimited work rights while living in the country.

A subclass 485 is classified into two, which are Post Study Work Stream and Graduate Work Stream. A 485 can be lodged for more than 3 years depending on the type of program completed in Australia. However it is important to know that the specified common time frames which the visas are granted is normally between 18 months and two years respectively.

Employer Sponsorship Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme – subclass 186
Temporary Skill Shortage Visa – subclass 482
Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provision) – subclass 494, and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme RSMS subclass 187. Temporary Skill Shortage visa subclass 482, Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 186, Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) subclass 494 and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme RSMS subclass 187.

For an Australian Employer wishing to sponsor a foreigner into the country either on a temporary or permanent basis you’re expected to fill for your applicant through the various subclass above depending on the most efficient method for you which in turns depends on the nature of the job and the location of the foreigner.

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Your profession should be on the professional list, which is divided into the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), the Medium-Term and Long-Term Strategic Occupation List, and the Long-Term Strategic Occupation List (MLTSSL). Unless you are already on a 482 Visa and follow the criteria, it is difficult to apply for an 187.

Australian Business Visa

Business visas are divided into 188 A, B or C.
188 A is for Business Innovation (provisional) Visa. The 188 B is for Business investment (provisional) and the 188 C is for the significant investment stream (provisional).

The business investment Visa (188) is meant for skilled workers. It allows you to operate a new or an existing business in Australia. Before you can operate, you will have to be nominated by the Australian government.

The second type of the Australian business visa which is 188B requires you to invest at least AUD1.5 million in Australian and maintaining the working activities in the country.

The third form known as the ‘Important Investor Stream (provision)’ allows people to invest a minimum of AUD5 million in an authorized significant Australian business. they must pass through the stage of being nominated by the government of Australia.

Skilled Workers Visa

Skillful enthusiast wishing to live and work in Australia are given this type of visa. The application is point based and applicants are expected to meet a certain threshold point before being considered for approval.

The Skilled workers Visa as the name implies is the type of visa assigned to people with certain skills and are qualified for the General Australia Skilled Migration Program. In other to be qualified for the Australian Skilled Workers program, you must score a minimum of 65 points during the test.

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