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USA Work Visa Application

Every employee who are not citizens of the United States must obtain a work permit or work visa before he/she can work in the United States. Depending on whether you’re being sponsored as an employer based immigrant or you’re there for self establishment, you can only applied to the get the United States work permit either before your arrival or upon your arrival into the country.

They’re different categories of work permit depending on your method of entry, the most diverse of them is the student work permit which is less complex and very easy to obtain as far as you’re on a student visa and have your course registered among the programs which allows it’s offerers to work freely while living in the country. aside the US student work permit, all other types of work permit virtually has the same method of application with slightly different in their criteria for getting approval.

What Is the US work permit?

The  US work permit otherwise known as the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is a form of license or authorization which automatically allows non citizens of the United States to work in the country freely. the work permit serves as a licensed ID that allows you to have the entitlement of working in all the various working places in the US except for some few restricted areas.

The US work permit is normally of two types, the temporary work permit and the permanent work permit. in either cases the holders of the  work permit are required to renew their permit at a certain time when their permit expires. normally, those on a student work visa are exempted owing to the fact that  their work permit expires as soon as their program ends. in most cases, failure to renew your permit at the appropriate time may result to a  major implications.

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How do I get the US work permit?

Getting a work permit to work in the United States is very simple and flexible as far as you have meet up with the requirements and your visa application done and approved.

If you’re interested in knowing the process of the application of the US work permit, this is how it’s been done.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are responsible for granting a work permit in the US. the process requires you to logging to the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and fill for an online form, upload all the documents necessary and then pay your application fees.

Below is the breakdown

Step1 Logging to the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

This is normally done online by logging to the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and then generate the application form. the type of Form you’re required to fill when when applying for the US work permit is the form I-765. you can easily generate the form for free when you logging to the website, there on the form you’re to fill for all the details required such as your name, contacts information, your type of work permit and so on. go through the whole process and study the form properly before filling it to avoid making mistakes.

Upload any documents you may be required to and then move on to the next procedures which is paying your application fees.

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Making your Payments 

Upon the completion of the form filling, the next crucial step is making  your payment for the application fee. this will be done immediately.

You’re certain amount of money as your application fee when you wants to obtain the US work permit, normally the pay for the US work permit changes  frequently, however w the moment the fee is about $410. you can make your payments through cash, credit card or any method disclosed to you using the Form G-1450.

Submitting your Application

All forms of the EAD application are normally submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS for processing. the process of submitting the application involves you to send your I-765 application form to the USCIS by mail. submit your application and the wait for your approval.

What is the Eligibility Status for the US Work Permit?

To be eligible for the US work permit, you’re required to belong to any of the following categories

Foreigners in the United States whom are already registered permanent residents in the country must obtain the work permit before he/she can be legalized to work in the country

Those seeking for Asylum into the United States

Refugees Settling in the country are to apply for the work permit before they can be allowed to work in the country

Students intending to get a part time job while studying in the United States are required to obtain the US work permit to be able to work in the country

Foreigners given a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the United States can obtain a work permit in other to work in the country

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Fiancés and spouses of U.S. citizens

Individuals whom are dependents of foreign government officials in the US

The J-2 spouses or minor children of exchange visitors

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