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Migrate To USA with Family-Based Green Card

Migrating to top developed countries like the United States is one of the top priorities for many people, especially people from third world countries seeking opportunity in the country. However the greatest obstacle to such a dream is the problem of how to go there, the means and the financial expenses involved which you may not be able to afford.

If you’re in such a situation, you’re expected to take a pause and have some thoughts. think outside the box and you’ll land somewhere glaring. of course they’re many ways to migrate to the US but basically they’re not easy for a common man hoping for migration, gladly here you’ll beĀ  introduced to an alternative to get yourself to America without spending a dime perhaps spend less and without even having to pass a lot of processes. and that is through the US family based green card immigration.

The US family based green card immigration is a type of immigration visa issued to foreigners of international country who are intending to migrate to the US through a relative who is either a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America.

Such visas are issued to relatives of the citizen or residence wishing to migrate to the US in order to leave and work there.

Depending on your status in the US, the chance of sponsoring a family relative into the country varies, citizens of the US have more stretching hands to sponsor distant relatives than the residents who are living in the country. Nevertheless both of them are given the privilege of having their relatives there and and as well as passing the same process during the phase of the application.

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Eligibility status for the US family based Green Card

To be qualified for the US family based green card, you’re expected to meet up with some certain criteria such as having the following features

Having an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen

Accompanying relatives of someone in a preference category.

Preference relative of a U.S. citizen or green card holder

Having an Immediate relatives


This is the most successful method of gaining a family based immigration visa into the US, citizens and permanent residents of the US has the same chance of sponsoring their Immediate family members to live with them in the US and can enjoy all the other privilege given to others.

Whom are the Immediate family relatives?

The immediate relatives in this category include spouse of the US citizen or permanent resident of the country,

The spouses of the citizens of US are those whom are legally married either in or outside the United States. widows and widowers of the US citizens are equally granted a family based visa into the country provided the time shedule is yet to terminate, this is explained thus: the two couples must be married for at least two years and the green card application should be done within the two years.

Another set of the immediate family based green card is the unmarried children of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who are below the age of 21 as speculated by the US department of immigration.

Also the parents of the United States citizens can be sponsored into the country to live with their children permanently. In this case, permanent residents aren’t granted the opportunity to sponsor their parents into the country. citizen children must be 21 or older.

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In some cases under certain conditions, Stepparents and stepchildren may qualify as immediate relatives also.

Accompanying relatives of someone in a preference category.

This is a case in which spouses and children of a preference relative who are below the age of 21 are sponsored into the US along with their subject sponsor. in simple terms, when a foreign born relative is being included to be sponsored into the country by a US citizen or permanent resident, the children and spouse of the person automatically belong to the accompanying relative sponsor and can live permanently in the US. this simply involved submitting an I-130 petition for the said foreign born relative.

The benefits is breakdown thus:

The Family first preference cases, in this case a US citizen will petition for an unmarried child of not above 21 or below to be sponsored into the country

The Family second preference cases, which involves a permanent resident of the US petition for their spouses, minor and unmarried children either below or above 21.

The Family third preference cases, which involves a US citizen petitioning for their unmarried children

The Family fourth preference cases, in this aspect, a US citizen of age not less than 21 petition for their siblings to be sponsored into the country

Preference relative of a U.S. citizen or green card holder


Although the process is slow, the family preference relative can equally serve as a good method of obtaining residency status in the US if you have a relative there.

This is how it works,

The Family first preference. this involved the US citizens sponsoring their unmarried children of any ge into the country

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The Family second preference. The second family preference is of two categories, the 2A and 2B. the 2A subcategory is mainly for the unmarried children (below 21) and the spouses of the permanent residents

The 2B subcategory is assigned to the children of the US permanent residents whom are above 21 and are unmarried

The Family third preference case in which the married children of the United States citizens can be sponsored into the country no matter there ages

The Family fourth preference which involves the process in which a US citizen who is above 21 years sponsor their siblings (brothers & sisters) into the country.

US family based green card Fees

All the fees you may be required to pay in this category of visa application is the same for all types of immigrant visa, no matter the methodĀ  of your application you’re expected to pay the US immigration visa fees which is about $335 and other additional fees which you might encounter during the application. you’re strongly advised to read through the US immigration visa breakdown fees


Application for the US family based immigration visa is no difference from any other type of immigration visa, the process are the same and the documents required such as passports, photograph, test result, biometrics, statement of affirmation from the court or any nearly police proving you’re not a criminal and other documents are also needed before the completion this process also.

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