What International Students Must Know About Studying In Australia



If you’re intending to travel somewhere especially to a far place for a stay, one of the best approaches to take is trying to study the environment first to avoid being lost in some of the activities which you may not be comfortable with. The same way as a student intending to travel to study in Australia, there are some certain things you’re expected to know before beginning your trip to the country such as the norms and culture of the places there, the caliber of people you may encounter, the nature of the climates, environments and many more.

In this article I will mention in detail the first and most crucial things to know before traveling to Australia to study as an international student.

If you have made up your mind as an intentional student to study in Australia and you’re eligible for the application, then below are the things you need to know before moving to Australia.

You need to Obtain a Visa

The very first thing you must know before traveling to any international country is the need to obtain a visa. Almost all the countries require a traveler to possess a visa before being allowed entry to the country. an exception could be made for some certain countries and even individuals of some personalities. However in the case of traveling to Australia for studies, you must obtain the Australian student visa before being allowed into the country.

Your Australia student visa is a hurdle free one and doesn’t require you to undergo a lot of process, the application is done online and the payment can be done using a debit card.

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Choosing the place of your studies

All the places in Australia are not the same in terms of development and living standard. it is left for you to choose the most appropriate place for your own convenience either rural or city if you’re interested in social life, considering cities is pretty perfect compared to the rural areas. However it is very important to consider the type of course you’re intending to study and then relating it with your choice of place and environment.

Know the Australian grading System

Grading system in Australia is a bit diverse compared to other countries, it is a common habit of every ambiguous student to find out what their grade is and how it is being rewarded.

In Australia they use the High Distinction (HD) system. Most of the international students coming to Australia always fall victim to being ignorant of this obvious upon their first year of arrival in the country. the general way of rewarding students in Australia is breakdown below

D distinction

C credit

P pass

F fail

So literally having a grade of D means you had distinction in the said course.

Discover the Australian standard of living

Australia is an expensive country. the cost of living there is way higher compared to many countries. in fact Sydney and Melbourne are among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world.

For this reason, while planning on a trip to Australia for study, you’re strongly advised to have a good extra budget aside from tuition fees and accommodation to take care of your expenses while living in the country to study.

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That should not bother you much if you’re not a type that’ll rest for the whole time, there is an opportunity for you to obtain the Australian student work Permit while you’re schooling in the country. you can stand a chance of earning up to $700 in a fortnight and away higher during holidays when you work for full time.

You’ll need to Get the Australian Health Insurance

Every standard country requires a resident coming in to obtain health insurance. before settling in Australia you’ll equally need health insurance too especially when coming as a student to study in the country for more than 6 months.

The government of Australia requires all international students except those exempted to obtain the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before being allowed into the country fully. The application is flexible however there’s a certain amount of fee you’re expected to pay for the application.

Know the Australian Seasons

They’re about 4 rotational seasons in Australia depending on your location. You should be wary of the condition you may find yourself in if you’re interested in studying in Australia. This is why you should find the appropriate time and the season before packing up. Some palaces might be cold while others may be hot at the same time so make a proper research to know the type of stuffs you’re to have in your possession which are suitable for the environment before relocation.

Opening a Bank Account

You may be tempted to open a bank account if you’re staying more than a semester in Australia. carrying bulks of money around you might seem tiring. so saving them and carrying some with you is petty ok.

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It is also more than necessary if you’re doing a part time job while studying. you’ll be required to drop your payment details to be credited for your works directly.

Know some basic things like driving rules

While studying in the country, you may have to drive at a certain time on the road, here you’re expected to follow the road rules, traffic signs where to stop, horn, how to park fuel timing and all that is expected of you to follow.

Knowing this before traveling to the country will help you create awareness and the confidence to live and explore the country while studying there.

Know that the Country is Voluminous

Australia is a very large country you can imagine, it’ll be wired to have the intention of traveling through all the cities in the country because you’ll end up squandering all your money if your budget is not bulky. knowing too well that Australia is huge will help you get rid of the false hope you’re developing. all the prominent places in Australia are located in all the different corners of the country so you’re expected to explore the nearby ones around you and then you can take a trip to some places you may want to.

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